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  • nature SPA pet water fountain basic set up
natureSPA UV
UV-sterilization (kill bacteria & microorganisms that cause slime) CHARCOAL filter LED night light AUTO - shut off EASY to clean *BPA free HOLD 1.8 quarts of water

FEATURES OF UV natureSPA FOUNTAIN: We produce our product with ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a very strong and rigid plastic. It is popular for its toughness and resistance to impact. Although considerably more expensive than polystyrene, ABS has superior hardness, toughness and gloss. It is dishwasher safe. BPA free. State of art UV water filtration using “cold cathode UV tube” housed within the pump sterilizes the water. Water flows at a set rate through UV chamber to maintain the UV cleaning power. Reduces micro- organisms and bacteria resulting in high quality clean, clear water. Water spout produces continuous stream of flowing water illuminated by a blue LED light for a great nightime effect. Silent submersible pump with flow control adjustment. Optional mat catches water spills and provides non slip surface (not Included). Automatic shut-off when water level gets too low. Replaceable charcoal pre- filter traps bad tastes and odors while spout constantly aerates the water increasing oxygen levels which enhances pet health. Patented, simple design. Easy to clean water reservoir. UL listed transformer, low voltage, energy saving pump.