It’s the #1 Fountain for Cats (and Small Dogs)


Retail price: $69.99



  • UV sterilization system kills unhealthy bacteria in the water
  • Auto Shutoff when water levels get too low – so motor won’t burn out
  • Beautiful blue LED light for nighttime illumination
  • Waterspout provides fresh aerated running water, like a faucet
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable charcoal filter keeps water fresher, cleaner & more appealing
  • Whisper quiet operation won’t scare your cat
  • Cats drink more water helps prevent UTI infections and keeps them healthier
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-year warranty on all parts

cat drinking

The natureSPA UV Fountain is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It gives cats fresh clean water just the way they like it. And it gives you a lot to love, too.

When you introduce this amazing fountain into your home, you’ll be making your cat’s drinking water more appealing. When water is fresher, cleaner and better tasting, your cat will naturally drink more of it… and a well hydrated cat is a healthier cat.

It holds 1.8 quarts of water – that’s 58 ounces. It’s made of strong, top quality, human-grade ABS plastic that’s BPA free and cat’s prefer to drink out of it more than any other water source.


natureSPA UV Drinkwell Original Pioneer Pet Raindrop
Charcoal Filtration
UV Sterilization
Auto Shutoff
LED Illumination
Free Flow Waterspout
Whisper-Quiet Pump
FREE spillMAT (value $9.99)
Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Capacity 58 oz 50 oz 60 oz
PRICE $69.99 $44.99 $39.99



Retail price: $69.99



“My cat Marbles has idiopathic UTIs. I have litter that reduces the UTIs and I knew she needed to drink lots of water. I like this because I don’t have to change it two to three times a day. And after a day or two of Marbles giving it the stinkeye, she is using it and loves it. Thank you for making a great product!”– Wendilee from Bay Point, California


“My 13 year old cat developed a tumor on her right hip and had it removed along with 1/2 of her pelvis. As part of her recovery, she needed to consume more water, so I brought this in. My cat now goes to the fountain often and drinks for minutes at a time and the quantity of clumps in her litter has at least doubled. She is even eating more and has become the same active, healthy little girl she was prior to the Cancer. I have to consider this a blessing for her as well as myself. Thank you for a great product!” – Jimmy G from Riverside, California

“My kitties love it and so do I.  I have five cats and they all love it! They all drink more water now that it is flowing all the time and staying fresh and interesting.” – Debbie Doolittle from Staten Island, New York


Have you ever tried to make a cat do something it really didn’t want to do? It’s like Mission Impossible… and in the end, the cat always wins!

Cats need to drink plenty of water every day to stay healthy. Every organ in your cat’s body, every cell, and every bodily function depends on water. So when your cat decides NOT to drink enough water, you’ve got a problem. It can lead to a variety of medical issues, including dehydration, kidney problems, and more frequent painful urinary tract infections.

Our cats instinctively know they need water, so why won’t they drink it? If your cat’s water has an unpleasant odor, if it is not fresh and clean, or if it tastes bad, your cat will not drink it. And the longer the water sits in your cat’s bowl, the more unhealthy bacteria builds up . You wouldn’t want to drink that water, and neither does your cat.

Ren-Staring-2 10


Cats instinctively prefer to drink running water. In their natural habitat they drank from running streams where the water was fresh. That’s why so many indoor cats prefer to drink from running faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

The best thing you can do to help your cat drink more water is to use the natureSPA UV Pet Fountain. It has a continuous stream of running water that motivates cats to drink. The charcoal filtration keeps water fresh and tasty. Unlike most fountains, it also has a UV sterilization system that kills bacteria and unhealthy microorganisms. So water stays clean, healthy and delicious.

“The natureSPA UV Fountain is perfect for cats & small dogs. UV sterilization and auto-shutoff (which prevents pump burn out) put this fountain in a league of its own. During extensive testing against competitive fountains my team and I noticed that cats were drawn to the natureSPA UV more often. Cats were more likely to approach because it had the quietest operation. I have recommended this product to thousands of delighted cat owners who initially buy it for the UV sterilization benefits. But after introducing it, they believe that their cats drink more because of the unique “free flow” of water which mimics a running faucet.” – Mitch Wilder, Pet Product Consultant




Pet fountains are a great way to keep your cat healthy. The charcoal filtration system constantly moves the water through a carbon filter to remove debris and impurities, so water stays fresh and clean. When water tastes better, your cat will want to drink more – and drinking enough water is one of the most important things a cat must do to stay healthy.

Now, the new natureSPA UV Pet Fountain takes clean to a whole new level. In addition to the standard charcoal filtration system found in other pet fountains, it has a state-of-the-art UV sterilization system that kills the bacteria and microorganisms.

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Since the mid-20th century, it has been an accepted practice to use ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize and disinfect. It attacks and destroys the DNA of the bacteria, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. UV sterilization is often used for:

• Medical sanitation
• Creating sterile work environments
• Sterilizing drinking and wastewater

Now natureSPA UV Pet Fountain uses UV sterilization to make your cat’s water fresher, cleaner and better tasting than ever before! And when water TASTES better, you cat will drink more.

We know that the natureSPA UV Fountain is simply the best fountain for your cat’s. Your cat’s will have fresher, cleaner and tastier water that they simply cannot resist! And a hydrated cat is a healthier cat

But don’t only take our word for it that the natureSPA UV Fountain is the best fountain around. Watch this unsolicited customer video review and you decide for yourself. We have to say that the cat’s in this video are adorable and worth watching the video.






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